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A caressing, lengthy and well-deserved break

The Vibro-Air massage system recreates the stimulating effect of bathing in the oxygenated water of rapids. As a gentle and soothing swirl, the Vibro-Air system maximizes wellness and relaxation. Customize the experience by adjusting the intensity.

The Vibro-Air massage system includes dozens of micro-injectors strategically located along the bottom of the bathtub contour and in the backrest. Warm air is then injected into the water creating thousands of bubbles that completely envelop your body.

Perfectly hygienic

The configuration of conduits and injectors allows the system to completely drain after use. Twenty minutes after the massage, a drying cycle activates to clean and dry all conduits.

A safe system

Superior-quality tubing and jets that meet the highest standards and a highly controlled manufacturing process that guarantees complete peace of mind.


  • Built into the shell of the bathtub
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to start-up